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Fishing Trip 2023

 WRAG club discussed a deep-sea fishing trip out of Gloucester for some time in May this year. See the information below from Matthew   Mottor.

I've had great experiences going out on the boat called the Lady Sea. The boat is part of Gloucester Fleet Fishing charters. Their website is here: https://gloucesterfleet.com/

For $3500 we can rent the whole boat which normally will hold 100 people fishing. Our goal would be to get at least 35 people associated with WRG. It would be $100 per person plus 15% ($115 total) tip for the crew.

Anything above 35 people is fine, but it would still be $115 per person. By having the boat rented exclusively, we gain control of when we leave the harbor. The boat normally leaves at 7AM. If we could rent the boat for the day, we can delay that time to 8 or 830am to allow a little longer for travel to get there.

I hope we can make an annual trip out of this. It would be great to donate some fish to the game dinner for chowder. Let's get this out there and see what we get for interest. 


Matt Mottor

New date is June 4th, 2023